Startup Festival

Startup Festival is an event full of startups and successful businesses. This year’s Startup Festival will take place on 11th October at the University of Economics in Prague with FREE entry for all. The main idea of the festival is to connect and expand the startup community offline, to introduce market news and current trends of the startup world, but also to promote the possibility of working in a startup as an alternative to classical employment. Startup Festival is for startups, as much as for their partners, investors, customers and job seekers. At its third year in 2018, we welcomed 2700 participants.

The Festival offers several possibilities on how to dive into the startup world and learn something new. You will have the opportunity to visit the company fair, where more than 30 companies will be present. You will meet both young, not yet established startups and promising start-up businesses. Last year, the participants included companies such as, Bileto, Trisbee, Applifting, LSi, HoppyGo, Zoxcall and others. Interested parties can participate in various activities and competitions that will be prepared by the companies. For example, at the Behavee booth, it was possible to test your ego, and COTU introduced product prototypes and a 3D printer right at work.

Go through the photo gallery to see how lively the Czech startup scene was last year

Lectures, panels, workshops, and one2one consulting await you throughout the day and are definitely worth seeing. The topics presented include the financing of the startups, sales, business partnership or foreign startup expansion. A total of 7 workshop rooms were fully filled last year, for example, Česká spořitelna organized a workshop on Lean Canvas, which is the alpha and omega for start-up entrepreneurs. Similarly with the crowded auditorium at the Grow with Google lecture, and although they are not big fans of the queues at, those interested in a lecture by Tomáš Čupr stood at one without any hesitation.

Aftermovie from the Startup Festival 2018

This year’s Startup Festival is back in October and we can not wait to see what this year brings. Last time we had the privilege to enrich about 2700 visitors with new ideas and we believe this number will only continue to grow.


If you have a company that cannot be missed at the booth fair, or if you are interested in organizing a workshop or lecture for visitors to the Startup Festival, do not hesitate to contact:

Program and exhibiting companies

Kamila Rychtaříková
Partner & Event director, xPORT VŠE

Media and marketing cooperation

Noema Hipká

PR & Marketing Manager, xPORT VŠE