Current startups

Accent Artisan

Accent Artisan developed a free app to help its users with pronunciation and get rid of their accents. Its aim is to teach people to speak english like the natives do.

Live Sweaters

A company Live Sweaters makes sweaters with its own special design. They are made  out of 100 % merino wool, produced in Czech Republic.


Startup Amio develops a software which makes sending messages (channels of instant marketing) via internet easier (Facebook, Skype, Viber, …).


Would you like some Vegmelín? Either you cannot or do not want to eat milk, our 100% vegan cheeses are the thing you are looking for! Alexyr delicious cheeses are made out of ingredients that are beneficial for our health and do not harm our environment or animals.


SignageOS is a software solution that allows you to control the displayed content and even manage your professional displays from anywhere in the world.


SALESDOCk is a team full of experienced professionals. Their sales team can manage sales processes and infrastructures without any problems. They are also involved in development of B2B companies in the international markets.


Website HledejLé makes it easier for users to find cheaper medicament options and save tens of percent. In addition, it provides information on medicines and contraindications.


Angloville provides the most intensive language courses for adults, children and families. Their courses take place in the Czech Republic and also abroad. Within just 6 days, everyone will learn to speak with Angloville. develops a web-based application for printing directly in the browser. The application itself solves the payment for printing and communicates with the printer using a hardware device.

Fox Games

The Fox Games team decided to improve the level of financial and economic literacy and develop soft-skills through an original educational board game for young and also older children.


Thanks to the services of the startup Proefo, even the smallest company can have its financial director. Data collection automation, balanced reporting and personalized approach will enable everyone to conduct business in the best possible way. is an application that will help you come up with the best gifts. It willl also help you speed up their last-minute purchase. With this online wishlist and smart shopping list, giving presents will be a lot easier.

Vím o všem

Vím o všem (“I know about everything“) is a handy assistant for everyone. It is a clear and intuitive application that ensures effective communication between the company, its employees and the investor.


Coffeemedia is a team of professionals who help small and large businesses or individuals with online promotion. Thanks to them, creative advertising campaigns targeting new and existing customers can be realized.