Current startups

Accent Artisan

Accent Artisan developed a free app to help its users with pronunciation and get rid of their accents. Its aim is to teach people to speak english like the natives do.

Live Sweaters

A company Live Sweaters makes sweaters with its own special design. They are made  out of 100 % merino wool, produced in Czech Republic.


Socide s.r.o. developes web and mobile platform which helps to – connect active students, develop their potential and also motivate or inspire those who have not found their right path yet.


Startup Amio develops a software which makes sending messages (channels of instant marketing) via internet easier (Facebook, Skype, Viber, …).


Would you like some Vegmelín? Either you cannot or do not want to eat milk, our 100% vegan cheeses are the thing you are looking for! Alexyr delicious cheeses are made out of ingredients that are beneficial for our health and do not harm our environment or animals.