KPMG Data Festival was online this year and offered 34 hours of livestream

After a successful last year, the KPMG Data Festival on Friday, October 23, 2020, again dispelled the myths about data and the complexity of working with them. This year was different from the previous ones, especially in the form – it took place online. 33 hours and 42 minutes full of interesting things were broadcast and virtual visitors could attend 45 lectures and workshops, including a panel discussion. During the day, hundreds of students, companies, data experts and laypeople who want to keep up with current trends have been drawn into the issue of data analytics.

This year in the sign of a great challenge

This year was special for all of us, it was something new and we really enjoyed it. We proved that we are not afraid of news and we can handle any situation, we are all the more proud that it all worked out like this (although in the nick of time). Sometimes it was stress, but most of the Data Festival was accompanied by laughter. The technology was mostly friends, and if not, Adam Štys and his staff managed – and that’s crucial! Handy, even wrote an accounting test, and we hope he passed. 😃 The performers tried to speak practically to nothing, there was only a camera and a cameraman in front of them and we thank them very much for that, they have our admiration, because we understand that this must be a strange feeling.

This year, the KPMG Data Festival focused mainly on topics such as Data for good and evil, AI as extended human senses, Data (in)literacy and education, or Data science for saving the planet. Visitors could be educated in the field of Data Science, Power Bi or Machine Leading. They also tried out how image processing helps the blind, customer segmentation, the basics of Data Vault, improved in data-driven marketing or learned what development in data awaits us.

Those interested in data issues were accompanied throughout the day by experts from companies such as Škoda, Komerční banka and Nestlé Nestlé, and there were also lectures and a workshop from the titular partner of the entire KPMG festival.

Of course, the festival was recorded, and you can look forward to a unique Advent calendar with records of individual parts of the program!