Benefits & Services

B2B Incubation is a program that helps new startups while starting their business. It tries to bring the prosperity as soon as possible and supports their constant growth. xPORT offers various range of advantages and services that everyone here can benefit from.

Benefits of xPORT
  • inspirational eviroment
    • where your creativity and productivity will boost
  • startup community
    • which will help you to understand that you are not the only one with problems and will make sure you solve them
  • marketing and PR support
    • xPORT will make sure your startup gets proper promotion
  • workshops
    • on different topics with professionals
  • networking
    • with inspiring people
  • mentoring program
    • you can consult your problems and ideas with more experienced mentors
Services for startups
  • your spot in open space
    • where you will feel like at home
  • meeting & call rooms
    • for conference calls or team meetings
  • kitchen
    • so you do not die starving
  • Chill out Zone, table football or billiard
    • so you can relax for a while
  • renting equipment


So, what are you waiting for?