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18. 2. 2015: XPORT has chosen the first projects

The business accelerator of the University of Economics in Prague - xPORT - is going to host altogether 14 teams. Among them, there will be various projects from the field of Big Data, IT, education and also sports and gastronomy. In the course of the following months, they will develop their entrepreneurial plans into successful businesses. Three projects will be admitted into the acceleration line of xPORT (called aPORT), which has been set up for shifting the business of already existing start-up firms. Eleven projects have been chosen for the incubation line (called iPORT), which is for entrepreneurial concepts still in the early stages of planning.

From February 11 - 13, there were presentations of candidates applying for the acceleration and incubation line in the xPORT VSE Business Accelerator. The members of the xPORT Board - Gabriel Berdár, Blanka Sawkins and Martin Kešner - chose the 14 best business plans from the 40 teams that applied. Team members had to demonstrate that they could introduce their project in seven minutes, including present their results thus far, overview the stage at which their business is today and where they would like to go if selected for inclusion in xPORT. After the selection process, the teams were given advice by the members of the xPORT Board regarding the area on which to focus the most throughout their stay in the incubator/accelerator.

Eleven projects have been accepted to the incubation line iPORT. These teams will start their activities on February 23. For the following three months, they will participate in an educational program at xPORT where they gain practical knowledge in the area of HR, growth, market research, customer identification, sales, finance and how to approach an investor. xPORT will also help them to go the right direction towards becoming a functional and prosperous company. The acceleration line aPORT has accepted three firms that are already offering services or products to their customers. They are going to begin work in xPORT no later than March 23 to move the business within some 6-9 months with the aid of xPORT mentors.

You find the list of current projects here.