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11/21 Workshop: How to sell to corporations with Lukáš Cypra

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xPORT Business Accelerator VŠE in cooperation with the Entrepreneurship Club organizes a workshop on how to sell to corporations, which will take place on Tuesday 21st November 2017 at 17:30 at xPORT.

The workshop will be led by Lukáš Cypra, who has been engaged in B2B business since 1998. He has a business, consulting and managerial experience. He worked with both Czech (Unicorn, Inmite) and foreign (MindShare, Siemens) companies, both small and large. As a freelancer, he's helping for the last 4 years companies that either want or need to change their business activities - primarily in the B2B segment or that are growing rapidly and the current business setting is no longer enough. He works as a consultant, inspirer, mentor or external business director.

What will be a workshop about?
A. What do we understand as B2B - and what does it mean from the perspective of the purchasing process to B2C and others?

B. How to work with the decision-making and buying process in a corporation

  • The roles of different people in the decision-making process - who can be sold to and who can't?
  • buying centres = more interests that sometimes go against each other
  • business opportunities development methodology Whom to sell?

C. Whom to sell?

  • segmentation
  • leady vs. opportunities
  • qualifications

The workshop will be in English. If you are interested, please write to us at