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18.9.2017 - 15.12.2017 - Výuka v zimním semestru 2017/2018

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18.12.2017 - 1.2.2018 - Zkouškové období

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Current projects and teams

Current projects in incubation

For further information please contact iPORT coordinator– Lukáš Daněk,

HUGport Hugport
"Managing your screens will be simple, automatic and interactive."
Do you belong to companies that have screens on the branch offices ? Do you utilize it at the fullest? Are you sure you really broadcast what interests your customers and employees? Can you quickly or even automatically change the content and drive? It's time for a change.

"Flipping wall street's model upside down by allowing the public to invest time and work for future revenue shares or a bounty
Crowdholding allows companies or startups to allocate a precentage of future sales or a bounty to the crowd to help give feedback and work to validate their product or service tailoring the product to customer needs.,

Salesdock_logo SALESDOCk
"To help startups go global through executing sales for them.“
We build the sales process and remote sales team for international startups. We sell their solution by employing inside sales model so we can serve global markets from our hub in Prague.Young talents, guided by elite trainers from the industry leading corporations such as Google or 3M, are forged into the World-class professionals. Our top performers are then ready to be transferred to the startup itself and play an executive role.
"Moving and delivery."
Our unique mobile app allows you with a few simple movements of your finger on your mobile phone order shipments, purchased goods, small and large objects, office or entire apartment. We can secure transporting of anything very fast for the most affordable price. Our application will revolutionize the transport market in  Czech Republic.
Smart Benefits
"We increase employees' income and save your costs and conserns"
Easy to use and free e-commerce portal that allows companies to increase employees' income by 31% and cut remuneration costs by 15% at the same time.
"Sell your flat easily"
Are you searching for an apartment? You don't want to do it by your own and at the same time don't wish to pay high commissions to real estate agents? We created on-line service providing complete purchase or sale of real estates.
"QuickJOBS on a silver plate"
The app allows you to get one time job offers directly into your phone and employers are able to find a worker with rating and review within 15 minutes.
"Everybody buys a vehiklo, after visiting vehiklo" is an internet car marketplace platform. We want to merge all the entities involved in automative market - from dealerships through private sellers to leasing provders and clearly present their offers.
We would like to help people to find their next car and also help them to choose the right financial services.



Current projects in acceleration

Companies aspiring to acceleration can sign up for regular OH, where we will agree on the next steps.

For further information please contact aPORT coordinator - Lukáš Daněk


Curent projects in BusinessPort
For further information please contact cPORT coordinator– Karolína Flégrová,
Duhovka Group, a.s.  streamlining by implementation of IS/ICT tools
The goal for the project is to analyse current processes' status of all four institution in Duhovka group and follow-up optimilazation of the processes. Team of three xPORT memebers is cooperation closely with the client on analising the present situation.
IBM - Bluemix Ambassador Program
This project is focuse on the design and pilot testing of the ambassador program. In the first phase of project is a team composed of students involved in xPORT and a Smarter University IBM which is working on depth analisys of a motivation of ambassadors and on the design and a structure of the program.
The aim of this project was to develop an appropriate methodology to measure Internet. It is an attempt to ensure the most accurate and time-consuming as little as possible detection of the number of real users on a particular server, or across the whole Internet and across all platforms. Estimate of the number of real users was based on the technology of cookies.
Ambassador program
The project output is to increase awareness of Česká spořitelna partnership with czech universities. We design an ambassador program for 6 czech universities that actively promotes Česká spořitelna at the particular university, increases efficiency of communication with students and highly support employer branding. xPORT provided a complete program study and pilot project of the program. The project contains students’ opinion research, competition analyses, ambassador’s job description and scheduled activities, ambassadors’ recruitment and training.

Talent Hunter: helping the right people to the right jobs

Realistic study for the new model of HR services of Development and Counselling Centre VŠE based on the interests of students, the willingness of partner companies to pay for this service and a technical feasibility. The project output is a new HR service of sophisticated selection of the most appropriate candidates for a specific job, which is based on the combination of on hard data ( study results, data from integrated study information system) and personal profile, activities and real experience of each applicant.

This study presents also a model of communication strategy of the project.

This project was realized in cooperation with the Czech branch of the world's largest volunteer consultancy organization - 180 Degrees Consulting.

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